Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Games

In our family, I always give a game to "us" on Thanksgiving Day and it is our Holiday game through the whole month.

I thought I would share what I have bought the last few years and tell you what we have done this year.  I am assuming ya'll can keep your lips sealed since it is a few more weeks until Thanksgiving.

Rat-A-Tat Cat

This is a great game for multi-aged families. You can start at 4 years old, with a few adaptations, and it is even fun up to adults. It can also be played in 15 minutes, right before bedtime, and does not require many brain cells of the adults who are brain-dead by this point.

This is one of those mensa games that can be played up to 4 people.  Our littles are able to play with a little help starting at age 6 and up.  The bummer is that only 4 can play, so I opt for a Blokus Fest, where you have 2 games going at once.

Settlers of Catan
This is one of those adult kind of games, which would be for ages 10 and up, and only 4 players.    We also bought the expansion  pack so up to 6 people can play.  We have Catan game nights with friends and everyone loves the mental workout.  You find out who your true friends are with that pesky Robber. 

This year, since our 5 and 7 year old have started actually playing games together, we opted to get individual games.

For Little Guy, 3 years we got Richard Scarry's Busy Town Game
We chose this for its puzzle-like quality and the fact that is has MANY trucks and boy things drawn on it.  It builds a playing mat of 4-6 feet long.

For Gracie-Girl, 5 years, we got Connect Four
This game can only be played by 2 people, but is perfect for my two middles to play.  And, it is a flash-back from the 70's, so what can I say.  My parents never bought this for me, and I always wanted it.....

For Joy-Bug, 7 years, we got Battleship
Another 70's game for 2 players.  But, the girls have played this at friend's houses and loved it.

For Kae-Kae, 12 years, we got Tripoley
This is the game I am personally most excited about, since it is ADULT!  Dan and I love a 1960's game called Rummy Royal and have many fond memories of playing with Roger and Amy, with popcorn and chocolate chip cookie dough, and fewer children, living next door and..... I digress.  But, it is difficult to play RR with only 3 people, you need couples.  So, Tripoley requires 2-10 players, so the three-some of Mom, Dan and Kae-Kae can play after hours. 

So, if any of these sound good, click through on my Amazon site and I can earn a little extra Christmas money!!

Also, please share you favorite family games,  everyone look in the comments for more ideas!



  1. This is Great! My sis and I just got started back into playing Games again and are going to start impleting family game nights! I like these you listed and there are a couple I did not know so I will have to check them out!

  2. How honored are we that we get to be mentioned in a bloggy post!! :))) LOVE and treasure those RR evenings SOOO much!!! We absolutely must plan an RR weekend! Maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle and rent a cabin or something?!? Love you all, and love the game ideas! Our family fave is Pictureka!!! Great one to adapt for little ones! :))

  3. Tripoly sounds great. I'll have to check that one out.

    We bought a new game called Funglish as a few weeks ago, thinking it would be good for esl, but it has been great for FGN. Lots of fun.

    I don't know how to play RR, but one day, we MUST have a BSU reunion/spades tourney!!!

  4. A family favorite growing up at our house was Monopoly. Connect Four is one I played as a child and now am watching my children play. Come to think of it, it's been a while since we have played our games. We need to get them out and play them again. Thanks for the reminder!


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