Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fabric Pumpkin Craft

We made these Fabric Pumpkins from our favorite magazine, Seasons at Home, Holiday Issue 2008. You can order it at Seasons at Home Magazine has many crafts and recipes for keepers of their home. I wanted to share this craft idea, because it is easy for littles, but makes them feel like they are big because they use real fabric.

Step 1: Trace a pumpkin pattern on freezer paper or tracing paper
Step 2: Cut out many little shapes of fall fabric all different sizes
Step 3: Glue brown stem to top of paper, then glue holiday prints in a crazy quilt sort of way. We used elmers, and painted it on
Step 4: Cut the pumpkins out
Step 5: Pin a backing onto the pumpkins and stitch around the edge. I used the machine and a decorative stitch, but you could hand-whip with embroidery floss.
Step 6: Cut around the completed pumpkin. I used pinking shears, but regular scissors would work.

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