Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kitchen Homeschool Center

This winter I knew I needed a new plan for making memory work easier. I bought this organizer at Target on sale for $39, with the red boxes on sale for $5.50 each. This holds all of our "unusual" homeschool supplies, playdough, math manipulatives, art supplies and the like. It most importantly holds my CD player and memory work supplies- hymnals, CDs, books on CD, etc. We do our memory work at breakfast, and I can easily sit at the end of the table and manage food and schoolwork. I love to double dip as a homeschooler!

Our morning memory work consists of listening to a Bible passage on CD, scripture memory, Holly Dutton Catachim songs (WSC), Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization (Andrew Pudewa), a psalm we sing for the month, a hymn for the month, Song School Latin, the Children's Catachism Q & A, and the Suzuki songs EJ is learning. DG asks for the CDs as soon as we sit to eat. At lunch, we often listed to our Diana Waring, History Alive! Cds, or the Bible on CD. This is my secret ploy when I am too tired to keep answering questions from my 5 year old!

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